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Member Programs

Members are rewarded for being active hobbyists with these programs


CARES: Conservation, Awareness, Recognition and Responsibility, Encouragement and Education, and Support and Sharing.  The ACLC is proud to be a part of the CARES program.  To sum it up here, CARES is all about keeping, breeding, and distributing a fish species at risk to other aquarists.  To find out more or to register your CARES fish, please check out

Breeders' Award Program (BAP)

The Breeder's Award Program is for our members that take pride in breeding their own fish.  Any fish spawn is eligible in this program, whether it is as simple as a guppy, or a massive cichlid.  Check out the BAP rules below and get with our BAP coordinator to register your fish.  Please note that an online registration form is coming soon.

Writers and Artists Awards Program (WAAP)

Not everyone is a great author or photographer.  The ACLC encourages you to try your hand at writing some fishy articles for our award winning publication, Tank Tales.  We do have an editor to help with proofreading, so that should make you feel more comfortable.  If you still aren't ready to write an article, you may still submit photographs for the publication.  All photos and articles will be awarded points.  Please review the rules below and get snapping or writing!

Horticulture Awards Program (HAP)

If you have an aquatic green thumb, you will be happy to know that the ACLC has a special program for you.  The Horticultural Award Program was started for our members that love their plants.  You might not consider yourself an advanced aquatic gardener, but almost everyone has dabbled with java moss or java ferns.  Yes, you do get awarded for those easy plants!  Click on the buttons below to see the rules and most up to date species list.

Aquatic Life Education Fund (ALEF)

The ACLC Aquatic Life Education Fund has been instituted to assist schools in our area with funding for the continued development of curriculums related to the study of aquatic life.  The importance of continued education of young people in this field could not be overstated and we felt that there is no better way to show our support than to develop a means for our club to assist financially.

Please consider donation by using the following form.

Program details:

  • Five percent (5%) of the ACLC’s auction proceeds annually between September 1st and August 31st will be earmarked for this fund

  • The ACLC will also collect any donations offered by members and guests at all meetings and events held during the year and put 100% of those into the fund

  • The ACLC will accept nominations from ACLC Members in good standing, for schools to be considered recipients beginning in September of each year and the decision will be made by a vote of the ACLC membership no later than at the June General meeting.

  • Nominations should be accompanied by a letter from that school’s representative with a description of the program the funds will be used for.

  • Schools must be pre-college education facilities from neighboring counties in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

  • No fees or other costs will be deducted from the funds collected. 100% will go to the school selected by the ACLC. A check will be awarded to that school as soon as possible after August 31st each year.

  • In an effort to maintain the fund, the annual award will be no less than $500 and will not exceed $700.  All funds collected in excess of $700 will be rolled over to the following year.

  • Payment amounts will be revisited if the rollover totals exceed two years worth of maximum funding (currently $1400).  The review will consist of examining the source funds and assessing trends from those sources.

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