2020 ACLC/TFP Freshwater Swap

The ACLC has been asked to co-host a freshwater swap (Fish, plants, & inverts) with That Fish Place - That Pet Place.  This event is meant to be just like the frag swaps they hold with the coral societies in the fall and winter.  The date for the swap is 28 March 2020.  We are inviting aquarists to setup a table with livestock (Fish, plants, & inverts) for the event.  Dry goods at the swap will not be allowed.  Any aquatic organisms you bring to the swap must be legal in the state of Pennsylvania.  Professional vendors are not allowed.  Vendors must not have a storefront or commercial website.  The ACLC and That Fish Place will not be charging for tables.  A donation to our Aquatic Life Education Fund (ALEF) is recommended.  Vendor registration form is below.